Thursday, December 6, 2012

Neil Nathan fights the power

I'm not sure if there are any MOG people out there who still read my blog, but if so, you might remember Neil Nathan, a very nice, glam-rocker/singer songwriter who was a regular participant there. (Funny, I always thought that when I got broadband, I would go back to MOG but I visited a few months ago, and it's so different that I lost interest.) Anyway, I've been in fairly sporadic contact with Neil since then -- I wrote a one-sheet for one of his albums -- and he sent me a link to his latest album Sweep the Nation. It's a sort of garage rocking protest album, written around the time of Occupy Wall Street, and inspired, Neil says, by his work as a history teacher in NYC, where he got students involved by playing socially conscious music like CSNY's "Ohio" Roger Waters' "Watching TV."

I'm liking Sweep the Nation because it's a little rougher and more raucous than some of Neil's stuff...I'm partial to the title track, "I Ain't No Company Man" and the Lou Reed cover, "There Is No Time," which you can check out below.

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