Monday, December 3, 2012

Daniel Bachman

A VA-born, Philly-based acoustic guitar player who is not Jack Rose has a pretty excellent new album out on Tompkins review ran at Blurt today.

Seven Pines
(Tompkins Square)

Daniel Bachman has Jack Rose's knack for guitar music that celebrates both the flower and the stem of the American Primitive tradition. His compositions are lush, note-proliferating reveries that blossom into exhilarating excess, quick fingered phrases that tumble one over the other in ever-shifting permutations. Yet underneath it all, there's a rhythm and a discipline, if not quite Rose's swing. This is a young man not afraid to go way out on a gnostic, mystic limb, but also not quite untethered from earthy tradition.


Did I mention that we finally went to Feeding Tube Records in Northampton? (highly, highly recommended) and they have a whole pile of records from the estate of Jack Rose for sale...lots of blues and bluegrass and at least one Rolling Stones disc.

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