Thursday, December 20, 2012

Andy Stott...yes, I like Luxury Problems, too

Entering the final phase of the "me too" month in music, the one where I post about stuff that I just heard about, that other people have been listening to and thinking about for months, and I come to Andy Stott, whose Luxury Problems is creepily gorgeous.  People who loved that second Burial album (Ian, I'm talking to you) should check this out if they haven't already.  It's got the same desolate, hollowed out beauty. 

Anyway, what do I know?  Patrick Masterson reviewed it for Dusted, saying, "Luxury Problems continues the trajectory with a few added inspirations: He’s now using vocals wholesale rather than just vocal samples. It was a risk bringing in the piano teacher from his youth, Alison Skidmore, but the pairing works spectacularly. This is the most arresting music of Stott’s career in large part because it is his most approachable."  You can read the whole review here

Also well worth reading, my Dusted boss' NPR feature on Andy Stott.  He concludes: "I haven't run across a producer who mixes voices so high and heavenly with vibrations this deep. From a sonic standpoint, you won't hear anything else like Luxury Problems this year." 

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