Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Really like this Beacon EP, No Body, it's got that weird combination of chilliness and sensuality.  You know, the musical equivalent of Jude Law...a while ago, in Gattaca maybe. 

Anyway, not much happening today, which makes it very hard to motivate.  We saw Lincoln over the weekend, which I thought was stupendously cast and acted, but overall a giant bore.  I mean, when you get past Daniel Day Lewis' mercurial portrait (seriously, how many actors can act that smart), the script was bloated, the camera shots consistently far too long and the scenario riddled with cliches you could not get away with in a 7th grade social studies flick.  (Examples: the soldiers parrotting back the Gettysburg Address to Lincoln, word for word, that god-awful shot through a flame at the end, the visual of Tad Lincoln screaming through the balcony when his dad's death is announced...yikes.)   I see the film is at the very top of a bunch of best of lists, which makes me think that I probably do not want to see the others very bad. Except The Master...I do want to see that. 

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