Thursday, August 2, 2012

Moebius and Tietchens review

I blogged this a week or two ago, and now there's a review up at Blurt.

When I wrote for Splendid, I once had an Asmus Tietchens record to review, and I remember I had to turn it all the way up if I wanted to hear it at all and god help me if, say, the Coachwhips came on next.


Moebius & Tietchens
Moebius & Tietchens
(Bureau B)

Two extraordinary talents in electronic music reconnect after a 37-year hiatus. Dieter Moebius, a founder of Kraut-pioneering Cluster, Kluster and Harmonia, and Asmus Tietchens, an innovator in tape manipulation and musique concrete, first worked together in the Lilenthal project with Neu! collaborator Conny Plank and Okko Beck in 1976. Over the decades, they met in passing, always promising to reconnect, but it was not until 2011 that they found time to record this twitchy, tetchy, intermittently revelatory joint project, which sculpts rhythm and refracts repetition into intricate prismatic shapes.


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Jean-Luc Garbo said...

I was looking forward to the album review when you mentioned it. There's some Cluster and Lilenthal on my hard drive that I liked so the prospect of this collab was intriguing! That last paragraph really helped out.