Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Michael Andrews' orchestral pop

Spilling a Rainbow, the new solo album from sometime Greyboy Allstar and film composer (Donnie Darko, Bridesmaids) Michael Andrews has been growing on me. I thought, at first, that it was overstuffed and over-orchestrated...there are a ton of harp glissandos, for instance, on the first cut that remind me of the dream sequences on Gilligan's Island (though now I get it that that's intentional, since the song is called "Dentist" and there is probably some anesthesia involved). Anyway, parts of it are very beautiful, if a bit overdressed. It's out this week. Have a listen if you like.

I got sick as a dog yesterday, fever, headache, runny nose -- hell, my eyes hurt -- and I could hardly get off the couch all day. I think the fever's gone today, but still not exactly full of pep.

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