Friday, August 31, 2012

Maga Bo's world-rattling beats

I think I might have posted something, months ago, about Maga Bo, Brazilian-based DJ linked to DJ Rupture and Filastine...I really liked his album Quilombo do Futuro (roughly, "Future by the Kilo"? I don't know.) Anyway, I reviewed the record for Blurt and forgot about it, and it just turned up on the site yesterday.

Maga Bo
Quilombo do Futuro
(Post World Industries)

Maga Bo, the American-born, Brazilian-based DJ, brings together a polyglot mash of rhythms, instruments and ethnic styles into the future, marrying samba beats to booming sub bass, gritty urban raps to hand-fashioned instrumentation. A crew of mostly Afro-Brazilian but also Caribbean-via-Brooklynite collaborators turn up the verbal heat, while Maga Bo stages a knife fight of cross-cutting, slashing rhythms.


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