Monday, August 27, 2012

Kendra Morris

I had a little feature piece on the nouveau soul singer Kendra Morris in Blurt on Friday, but I kept getting virus warnings every time I tried to go there.

Here's the link, but proceed at your own peril.

Here she is covering Johnny Mathis.

Okay, so we've been dog sitting for a little more than a week, and while I like dogs, I cannot wait for it to be over. I mean, you don't really mind getting up early to take your dog out when it's YOUR DOG, but when it's somebody else's (and when she whines and cries whenever you are temporarily not in the same room with her or barks the whole time when you have to go out to get groceries), it's different. I think a week is too long, don't you? I mean, as a favor to someone? I mean, like "I'm going to have a fabulous week in NYC, could you watch my dog?" And, "really, it's like I'm doing you a favor, since I know you love dogs and don't have one any more." Oh and also, "She only whines at night when the bedroom door is closed." (So obviously it's our fault, for not wanting the dog wandering in and out all night long.)

Sean's senior year starts tomorrow, too. Christ, I have a photo of him catching the bus on his first day of first grade...of us walking to the bus stop with our old dog, Paddy. (RIP, having another dog really makes me realize how much I miss him.) Time is slipping away.

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