Monday, July 16, 2012

Mount Eerie's Clear Moon

Man, that Phil Elverum can do anything...Clear Moon is one of his quieter efforts, but still pretty intense. It's a prelude to the upcoming Oceans Roar, both recorded in the same church with the same instruments and people, but said to be quite different. (We'll see, won't we?)

Anyway, my review ran at Blurt today.

Mount Eerie
Clear Moon
(P.W. Elverum and Son)

A gorgeous hush in the midst of monumental turmoil, tranquility in a hurricane, Phil Elverum's Mount Eerie has always had a knack for evoking nature's harshest and most beautiful elements, often at the same time. Clear Moon, one of two Mount Eerie albums set for release this year, is said to be clearer, cleaner, less tumultuous than its sibling Oceans Roar (coming in September). Yet there's plenty of heft in these nocturnal musings.


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