Thursday, July 5, 2012

Easter Island's Frightened

Mentioned this one a few weeks ago, now my review is up at Blurt.

Easter Island

For a two-person band, Easter Island makes incredibly lush, textured music, its multilayered guitars luminous like Explosions in the Sky, drenched in indefinite overtones like early 1990s shoegaze. From the video, it looks like both Payne brothers - Ethan and Asher - play guitar, which explains the many different six-string sounds on hand. It also appears that only one of them sings, in a sweet, diffident, tremulous way that sounds undressed next to the band's gleaming, post-rock guitar edifices.

This combination - of indie pop vulnerability and glistening expanses of pedal-altered tone - sounds odd in theory but works amazingly well on Frightened.



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