Friday, July 20, 2012

Guardian Alien

Really kind of blissful, mind-altering, long-form psychedelia from the former drummer in Liturgy. My review ran in Dusted yesterday.

Guardian Alien
See the World Given to a One Love Entity
Thrill Jockey

Greg Fox left Liturgy in September of 2011, about the same time the band and its frontman Hunter Hunt-Hendrix got caught in a shit-storm of black metal purist backlash for, among other things, embracing the transcendent (and, er, slipping long passages from Marcus Aurelius into online interviews). With Guardian Alien, Fox plunges even farther toward gnostic psychedelia, alternating blistering intervals of top-speed kit rolls with woozy altered voice epiphanies and quieter found sound intervals of bird song, sheep bleating and gongs.


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