Sunday, July 22, 2012

Couple of things I've been listening to

I've been on some deadlines lately, listening pretty hard to records that I have to write about quickly. Live show reviews, in my view the most rushed of music writing projects (because you have to write before you forget what you saw and can't make out your handwriting), have taken up more than usual of my time.

So, I haven't been listening to as much random stuff, but there's been some, namely:
The Swell Maps, Jane From Occupied Europe...truly mental proto-post-punk from 1980. I like "Blenheim Shots" the best, sort of a straightforward banger, but there's very little that's straightforward about this album.

Rangda, Formerly Extinct...haven't really gotten to the bottom of this one, since it's not out until September-ish. It's a second album from Richard Bishop, Ben Chasny and Chris Corsano has, like the first one, a jawdroppingly beautiful long track ("White Nile") right in the middle. I don't think there's any free audio anywhere yet.

Arbouretum, Covered in Leaves...Rob sent me this live album from one of my favorite bands, and I'm liking it a lot, especially the cover of Pure Prairie League's "Amy" (Arbouretum spells it "Amie").

I'm also kind of enjoying the new Mojo compilation The Roots of the Rolling Stones...a bunch of early rock and blues tunes that everybody's heard ("Suzy Q" "I Just Wanna Make Love", "Not Fade Away") but nobody could mind hearing again.

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