Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Swervedriver’s frontman back with new hazy, distorted, guitar-fuzzy album

This is the second album by Adam Franklin (from Swervedriver) and his Bolts of Melody…and I found myself really, really enjoying it. My review runs at Blurt today.

With Swervedriver, Adam Franklin had an eight-year run spinning out dreamy textures of distorted guitar that, however, loud they might turn in live performance, had an unruffled serenity to them. Bolts of Melody, following a quieter interlude as Toshack Highway, pursues the same muscular, feedback-glazed reveries as Swervedriver, its reflective melodies hedged with swirling masses of guitar sound. Franklin's band - which now includes Ley Taylor on guitar, Josh Stoddard on bass, Gerard Menke on pedal steel - has gotten noticeably more confident on second Bolts outing I Could Sleep for a Thousand Years, building dense, hallucinatory thickets of sound around Franklin's rueful songs.

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