Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Scott Tuma’s Dandelion

Scott Tuma, ex-of cult-ish, avant-gard-Americana outfit Souled American, treads the fine line between electronic experimentation and evocative country folk in his fourth solo album Dandelion, with glistening threads of backwoods melody running through altered found-sound and the drone and clatter of free improv. It’s beautifully elusive, this album – you follow it like a will o’ the wisp, sure that you’re going to grasp it momentarily, then opening your hands to find empty air and a vague sense of mystery and loveliness. Think of Califone with all the connective tissue and accessibility rubbed out, or Ethan Rose’s electronic experiments waltzing in country time…or just stop thinking and listen, because you’re never going to nail it and that’s okay, too.

There were only 400 copies made and a lot of them have already been sold…but Digitalis has made three MP3s available.

“Red Roses for Me”

“Hope Jones (Jason’s Song)”

“Free Dirt”

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