Monday, June 14, 2010

Posthumous Jack

I’m thinking that this review of jack rose and D. Charles Speer is a tad over-written…like, too many clauses and adjectives and crap like that…but in any case, the album’s very fine, so try to ignore my shortcomings.

I still kinda like the closing paragraph.

There’s a tendency to canonize people who die way too young, as Rose did, to cast everything they do in a serious and purposeful light. Ragged and Right reminds everyone that Rose could take a drink and play loose and sloppy, too, and that it was a beautiful thing while it lasted. It’s a shame no one will ever hear these songs live again, or find out what would have happened if Rose and Shuford continued on this path, but four songs this loose-jointed and glorious are better than nothing at all.

The rest

“In the Pines” is the first track on my mix, so if you don’t have it yet, go get it.

I just finished a big piece on Woods and the Woodsist label, which I thought went pretty well. It’s for PopMatters, so you should see it in about six months.

I got a new shuffle over the weekend, hurray for random-ness!

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