Friday, June 11, 2010

Joe Pernice likes Dinosaur Jr, the English Beat

I wrote another short bio for the Dusted Listed feature, this one for the Pernice Brothers, headed by semi-local (Brattleboro or thereabouts) hero, Joe Pernice, whose list of favorites favors power pop, but also includes proto-grungy Dinosaur Jr. You can read about his ten favorite songs here.

It’s all in support of the new Pernice Brothers album, Goodbye, Killer. Here’s the single, a track about the Valley of the Dolls novelist called “Jacqueline Susanne”.

Also, I never wrote about this, but I saw Death Vessel, Micah Blue Smalldone and One A.M. Radio in Peterborough, NH a few weeks ago. They were all pretty good, but One A.M. Radio especially so, and also a surprise, since I didn’t know anything about him. It’s a solo thing, basically, very quiet guitar-based songwriter music, but just so unusually pretty that it breaks the form a little. I notice that One A.M. Radio is giving away a free mp3 of the new song “Credible Threat,” so you can check it out, too.

Have yourself a lovely weekend. For once, we don’t have much to do, so may catch Ironman 2 finally, at the Bellows Falls Opera House on Saturday and, you know, go to the YMCA and the farmers market and get the groceries in Brattleboro and maybe watch a few more episodes of Heroes, this month’s guilty TV-on-DVD pleasure. Boring, but I’m looking forward to boring right now.

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