Thursday, September 10, 2009

Still more distortion…

Great band name, Meth Teeth has. Not a bad album, either, though even I’m getting a little sick of the shitgaze aesthetic.

My review at Dusted today closes, “Like Eat Skull, Meth Teeth wraps fragmented bits of pop in a mesh of obstacles – cavernous distortion, buried leads and undecipherable lyrics. The songs win out most of the time, in a clattery, indistinct sort of way, though whether they’d sound better if you could actually hear them is anybody’s call.”

The rest of the review.

I first heard Meth Teeth at Raven Sings the Blues.


robp said...

Meth Teeth means No Teeth, right? Haven't heard it yet, but that sort of comment on your own work had better be sardonic.

Hi, Jen. How the hell are ya? How's yr Sir Douglas Quintet collection? Just got a monster 2 cd set, none of it on the one vinyl thang of theirs I got. Lemme know on that one.

jenniferpkelly said...

Hi, Rob. I'm all right. My Sir Douglas Quintet collection currently stands at zero...can you fix?