Monday, September 21, 2009

I'm back...

I had a lovely weekend, thanks for asking. We went to see The Informant! which was quite bizarre and funny, in its way, but I think billing it as a comedy per se is stretching things.

We also rented Anchorman, which I hated unreservedly, except for Steve Carell who might as well have been in a different movie (a much more interesting movie). And, let's see, Sunshine Cleaning, which was okay, just okay.

I'm not running as much because my marathon is next week, so that feels strange.

I wrote four show previews today which is at least twice and sometimes four times the usual -- Os Mutantes, Japandroids/Coathangers, BLK JKS, and Mayer Hawthorne. Exhausted, all those youtube videos!

People have been sending me shit-tons of records lately, and I am drowning in it, but offhand would recommend any of the following if you're looking for a way to burn more of your already failing hearing (oh, yeah, that's me, not you).

Mission of Burma The Sound The Speed The Light...Burma!!! (thanks Michael.)
Mayer Hawthorne A Strange Arrangement...a white dude in hipster square frames, who sounds eerily like Curtis Mayfield, very strange. He's from Detroit.
Polite Sleeper The Lake Effect...very nice E6 type pop, the singer sounds like Darnielle, but much sweeter...
Sun Dial Return Journey...some sort of 1960s psychedelia, kinda Amon Duul-ish, liking a lot...bought it used.
Audacity Power Drowning...insanely sloppy, wonderful, hard-edged punk rock from a band that apparently all met in 6th grade. (They're not in 6th grade now, but I bet they're not out of high school either.)

And those are just the ones I've been listening to so far ...such a pile I have to get through...Simon's turned me onto this band called Rifles, may have to check out more of that when I come up for air again.

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