Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Ettes, mad as hell…

My interview with Coco from the Ettes runs today at Venus. Venus is having some problems at the moment, so not sure whether I’ll have any more pieces over there…but I hope they work it out.
The Ettes’ latest album, Do You Want Power (Take Root), starts in a massive way: bassist Jem Cohen thundering an aggressively huge riff, drummer Poni Silver answering in thudding thunder, singer Coco Hames wailing about blood and skin fragments under the fingernails. The song, “Red In Tooth and Claw,” is one of a number of gore-themed, balls-out rockers on the Ettes’ third full-length.
“There is kind of a lot of violence,” admits Hames. “There was a lot of frustration and there’s a lot of wanting to lash out and…” she giggles, “cause people physical harm. We all feel that way sometimes, but it’s kind of alarming to see it delineated in these 12 or 13 songs.”


I can’t find any mp3s from the new album, but there are a ton of videos from before.

This one’s called “Marathon,” so obviously, I had to put it up.

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