Tuesday, April 14, 2009

New mix

I made a new mix yesterday...tracks:

Obits' "Widow of My Dreams" (My new favorite song)
Mystery Girls' "I Took the Poison"
Ty Segall's "The Drag"
Fresh & Onlys' "Endless Love"
Arbouretum's "Song of the Pearl"
Tortoise's "HIgh Class Jim Came Floatin' In"
Akron/Family's "Everyone Is Guilty"
Lotus Plaza's "Different Mirrors"
Papercuts' "Once We Walked in Sunlight"
Laura Barrett's "To the Stars!"
Broken Spindles' "A Beat Down Break Up"
Joker's Daughter's "Under the Influence of Jaffa Cakes"
Mika Miko's "Totion"
Crocodiles' "Soft Skull (In My Room)"
The Reigning Sound's "Black Sheep"


Here's the link:


robp said...

Ooh, pleasures to indulge in. If I ever stop listening to this album that's ALL Ty Segall, I'll get to this mix with SOME Ty Segall. Looking forward to yr new favorite song: you did so well with yr fave song of 2008.

jenniferpkelly said...

I love that Ty Segall ST, too. Did you get the Horns of the Unicorn one as well?

I should "Leopardman" on this mix, too...just for comparisons.

robp said...
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robp said...

Yeah, loaded up on the Ty Segall, just have to get it all together to play in my car. Which might be a little weird, all this great spazzy driving music while I sit in traffic.

I think I have Leopardman on 3 or 4 mixes already, but it's almost a Watchmen tie-in so should be good for this year too. That whole favorite song of the year thing is usually so hard, and last year it felt so easy. Of course, I don't know who else agreed, but at least the two of us got it right.