Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Baron…sort of 007 lite

No music today, but PopMatters is running my review of the 1960s television show, The Baron.

The Baron, which ran for one season from 1966 to 1967, came from the same studio as The Saint, the television serial that launched Roger Moore’s career, and it shared many of that show’s basic elements: baroque spy plots, improbably beautiful women, fantasy jet set lifestyle accoutrements, and a fascination with – but not any real knowledge of – foreign cultures. It also had a certain amount of technical infrastructure in common with The Saint, including one alley-like set that appears in a slightly different guise in almost every episode. And as in The Saint, the Bond series and other spy fiction of the era, there is a then modern, but now old-fashioned whiff of the ‘60s.”

The rest of the review:

And, in an only tangentially relevant attempt to add some tunes, here’s Devo doing “Secret Agent Man”

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