Monday, April 20, 2009

Death by Papercuts

I've got a review up today at Blurt of the new record by the Papercuts, which I think I probably like better now than when I reviewed. (So give it at least a mental "7".)

Here's a bit:
“Like sometime tourmates and collaborators in Grizzly Bear and Beach House, Jason Quever makes music that is almost too pleasant to appreciate at first. Its extreme prettiness lulls you so that it's hard to concentrate on the details. Quever's fourth album as Papercuts is an even softer-focus affair than 2007's excellent Can't Go Back. He envelopes his languid pop melodies in billowing drifts of organs and eschews his last album's subtle guitar-based tension. Alex Scally, on loan from Beach House, is quite possibly a factor in the shift, lending his band's trademark gauziness to these dream-sequence tunes.”


A video of “Future Primitive”

Here’s a remix of “Future Primitive” by the Ruby Suns

I'm going to see Papercuts and Vetiver on May 4 in Peterborough.

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