Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I’ve been busy, but nothing to show for it

So I’ve been writing up a storm lately, but no one’s running my stuff, so nothing to post.

(I have a really nice interview with Fennesz that PopMatters has been sitting on since January…I’m thisclose to saying fuck it and just posting it here.)

But meanwhile, I interviewed Allen Toussaint earlier this week and just finished my interview piece on him. He’s written some very famous songs – “Fortune Teller”, “Sneaking Sally through the Alley”, “Get Out of My Life, Woman,” “Southern Nights,” etc. – which have been covered by lots and lots of bands. This is maybe the oddest, and also one of my favorites…Devo covering “Working in the Coalmine,” which was originally written for Lee Dorsey.


leftoverking said...

Allen Toussaint, cool. that shold be a good one. bummer on the lagging editors, but hang in there jen! hope all is well over there. :)

jenniferpkelly said...

Hey, how you doing Jeff? I heard Michael got to hear you play, sounds like fun.

And yes, I was very psyched about interviewing Mr. Toussaint, though I'm not sure i did a very good job.

leftoverking said...

not yet! i am meeting michael and anne tomorrow in tacoma. should be fun. i am looking forward to my first mog meetup. ;) i think a couple of other old moggers may come too. rgm (ray) and maybe nick toombs (dezend). four nights of rock and roll! that's about all this old dude can handle at this point, and be able to keep the day job.

jenniferpkelly said...

Nice, wish I could be there.

I did see a fair amount of Clif in Austin, and also ran into Mark (popsavant) briefly as well.

leftoverking said...

hey, right on. i bet that was fun. never been to sxsw.

jenniferpkelly said...

Oh, you should go, don't even worry about credentials, you could see twice as much as you wanted to just at the free shows during the day.