Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The lord giveth, the lord taketh away...

Kind of a good news bad news blog today, but let's start with the good news.

WFMU blog is always one of my favorite time-wasters, but today is especially great there, because they have posted a whole bunch of free MP3s from Portland-area bands. I can vouch personally for Minmae, Minor Thirds, and Au, and I have no doubt that the WFMU crew, who have far better taste than I do, are right about the rest of them, too.

Here's the link.

And in less happy news, muxtape.com has apparently shut down due to a run in with the evil RIAA. Next, I hear, the RIAA is going after kids who write the names of bands on their school notebooks. Big money there.

Anyway, that sucks, and it's probably going to motivate me, eventually, to make another mix and put it up on sendspace.

Hope you're enjoying the ass-end of summer. It's raining here, again, but we are sleeping late and hanging out and not writing a whole hell of a lot of music reviews here. (And, sort of incongruously, catching up via DVD on the complete works of Anton Chekov, more on that perhaps later.)


cuddlefish said...


...and i was just starting to do the friday random ten each week on muxtape.

i just signed up here today:


jenniferpkelly said...

Muxtape might be back up at some point.

Meanwhile, how exciting, another music-related internet thing...have to check it out.