Friday, August 15, 2008

Two from folk's dark side

I've got an interview with Juliana Hatfield in 45 minutes, so not much are a couple of freak-folk-ish items from this week's Philadelphia Weekly, a show preview for Jana Hunter and a short review of the new Death Vessel (which I like okay, but not as much as Stay Close).

Jana Hunter
Fri., Aug. 15, 8pm.
With the Lesser Gonzalez Alvarez + Lillie Ruth Bussey.
M Room,
15 W. Girard Ave.

Got demons? Jana Hunter, the Texas folk blues songwriter discovered a few years ago by Devendra Banhart, knows all about them. She made her mark with the sunny “Farm California,” an otherworldly highlight of the freak-folk defining Golden Apples compilation. Since then, though, she’s been staring pretty directly at the void, singing harrowing songs like “Pinnacle” in a rough, husky voice that recalls Karen Dalton. She’s stunning on her own, but this time, she’s touring with a full band, including Lesser Gonzalez Alvarez, the Baltimore folk picker who also opens the show. (Jennifer Kelly)

Some Daytrotter Session songs:

"A Goblin, A Goblin"


Death Vessel
Nothing is Precious Enough for Us (Sub Pop)

Rating: Solid, like the Liberty Bell.

Joel Thibodeau’s old-fashioned tenor may be the latest to earn the coveted Antony “Sounds Like a Girl” Award, but there’s much more here than gender oddity. Although less overtly old-timey than 2005’s Stay Close, Nothing Is Precious incorporates liberal doses of country sounds like acoustic guitar, banjo and shuffling snare. The best cuts infuse this delicate sensibility with fire. First single “Bruno’s Torso” flutters melodically over sepia-toned guitar, then digs in with power chords that rip through the nostalgia, while “Circa” floats big fluffy church choir harmonies over clanging guitar and pounding drums. (Jennifer Kelly)

"Bruno's Torso"

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Syd The Squid said...

been listen to "Stay Close" off & on quite a bit recently, his voice is kind of pre-pubescent... i like... XXX