Thursday, August 21, 2008

Fabulous Diamonds

Dusted has my review of the new Fabulous Diamonds EP, 7 Songs, today. Here’s a bit:.

Fabulous Diamonds
7 Songs (Nervous Jerk)
Seven echo-chamber grooves stretch endlessly, repetitively, on minimal, ritualistic rhythms, ghostly reverbed vocals and, for bonus points, blurts of detuned sax and organ. Drummer Nisa Venerosa sings primarily, her voice a bleached out, post-punk siren wail, unruffled by the fact that she is simultaneously whacking toms and woodblocks and cowbells. Jarrod Zlatic, the hairy one on the cover, builds the dark textures around her, in harsh sustained washes of keyboard and machine-like recorded rhythms. He also sometimes sings, with her, in unison and in primitive counterpoints (“Untitled 3”). As is often true in duos, there is a palpably charged space between the two of them, as if they are not so much listening and communicating with each other as fighting for common air.

More here

Couple of videos. Most likely both are called “Untitled”

Ravensingstheblues likes them, too. (There are a couple of mp3s at this post.)

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