Monday, August 11, 2008

Two legends, one dead, one still here

One of soul’s greats, Isaac Hayes, passed away over the weekend, way too young, apparently collapsed over a treadmill…here’s a video of “Shaft” his best known song, well-beloved by guitar players learning how to use the wah wah and drummers seeking out that perfect 70s hi hat sound…What a great song. (I know he recorded a lot of other stuff, probably some of it better on objective terms, but this is my favorite, so there…)

I’m trying to figure out how to get guest listed for a September show in Northampton at which everybody’s favorite Northampton guitar wizard will reprise his 1995 solo album Psychic Hearts. I’m listening to the final, epic track “Elegy for All the Dead Rocks” on the headphones right now, and it’s (let’s see if I can say this without the “f” word) transportingly, annihilatingly great. …You folks will have to make due with this video of the title track, though.

Thurston Moore’s “Psychic Hearts”

As usual, Mr. Moore has assembled a really interesting set of opening acts.

Little Claw, who can be glimpsed in performance somewhere in Mexico here

And, Siltbreeze’s Eat Skull, who seem not to have left much trace on the web except for this MySpace page

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