Friday, February 1, 2013

Wayne Shorter's Prometheus Unbound

Unbelievably cool, our friend Eriko Sato (who is in the Orpheus Chamber Ensemble), has gotten us comp tickets for the Wayne Shorter/Orpheus concert tonight at Stern Hall.

Here's a clip of the piece from a few years ago at New England Conservatory.

Prometheus Unbound from New England Conservatory on Vimeo.

Those of you who remember my Sonny Rollins/MOG debacle will excuse me from any sort of critical account of this, but I am super psyched to go.

Sean can't go because he's got to be up early and functional tomorrow for his final (CCPA) audition.

Just got word that he did well at DePaul. I'm about to head down to the studio for my shift as supporting parent.

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