Saturday, February 2, 2013

More music tomorrow but...

For now, we're home and it seemed like a pretty productive trip.

Sean didn't make callback at DePaul, had a pretty good audition at Syracuse, picked up a walk in at Savannah College of the Arts this morning which went well and, it sounds like, pretty much nailed his audition at Roosevelt CCPA. So now we wait and see.

I have to say, though, that I never felt like he wasn't in the hunt, that he didn't belong there, that he was outclassed in any way. We were all pretty lukewarm about DePaul anyway, since they give next to no financial aid, and the audition was very focused on physical comedy and improv, which Sean is not exactly bad at, but it's not his best thing. I was saying to him afterwards that any school that flat-out doesn't want to hear a Shakespeare monologue is probably not the right one for him.

Anyway, it was certainly interesting.

Also the Wayne Shorter thing was amazing, and I don't really know enough about either jazz or classical music to say much more than that.

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