Friday, February 8, 2013

Port St. Willow...god-damned beautiful

I missed this the first time, looks like around the middle of 2012, but now Downtown is re-releasing Port St. Willow's Holiday and all of us slacking, not-paying-attention, anti-hipsters get a second crack at gorgeous "Amawalk." I'm hearing Jeff Buckley...your mileage may vary.

By the way, we are bracing for one to three feet of snow tonight and tomorrow, so bear with me if I disappear for a while.

Also, not sure why this is happening, but a ton of people have been lately checking out my defensive, ridiculous reaction to an ILX lambasting a couple of years back. (Even now, every time I like a record that I'm pretty sure won't make a ripple, I hear a shrill, male voice saying "The Soft Pack? The Soft Pack?" indignantly. Kent Lambert told me the best thing is to hear these criticisms in the voice of the comics book guy on the Simpsons.) So, anyway, glad people are enjoying (and re-enjoying) my trauma...I was so shell-shocked that I named the post "Also some reactions to my mid-year" when it was clearly my year-end. Oh well.

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