Friday, October 12, 2012

The Calm Blue Sea

What is it about Texas and psyche? The Calm Blue Sea is a four-person band out of Austin that favors surging, crescendoing post-rock epics, along the lines of fellow Texans in Explosions in the Sky, as well as other non-Lonestar outfits like Pelican, Red Sparrowes and (especially, because of the way they use piano) Mogwai. Their second album Arrivals and Departures came out on Tuesday on the Modern Outsider label, and I like it a lot.

They're also doing a pretty interesting project with Le Blogoteque where they are filming videos for each of the new album's eight songs in a different Austin location. Baebel music has parts one and two up at their website now.

Meanwhile, here's a short, kind of haunting video

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