Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Dante Vs. Zombies

I have no idea how long this CD was sitting in my pile, though it came out, apparently, in April, so I am certainly not claiming any "there first" rights. It is one of the uglier CDs I've gotten in a while (see below), and also packaged in one of those minimal gatefold CDR cases. Looked like shit..really...and my standards are low.

So I put it on, thinking I could spin it once and recycle it (yes, I know, six months late, I've been busy). And the thing is, it's pretty crazy. It sounds just like Starlite Desperation.

There's a reason for that, actually. It's got two guys from Starlite Desperation in it: Dante White-Aliano and Jeff Ehrenberg. I'm pretty sure Dante is the "Dante" part...perhaps that makes Ehrenberg a zombie?

Anyway, it's very flashy, glammy, decadent R&R, swathed in reverb and powered by the kind of sexy bass that sounds like the string is falling off. (Which string? The low one is the only one I hear.) White-Aliano is prone to silly, nearly-Seussian lyrics, so that the singing sounds like a particularly feral, virulent attack of the rhyming dictionary. But never mind, fun stuff.

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