Tuesday, October 9, 2012

King Dude's Burning Daylight

I've got a review of the very dark country blues of King Dude up today at Dusted, which I liked, kind of...(I'm not sure you can tell from the review.)

King Dude
Burning Daylight

T.J. Cowgill sings like an undertaker, his baritone hollowed out, echoing like it’s in a well and fraying into stutters at the very low-end. His “whoa-oh-oh” sounds more like a moan of suffering than an element of melody. Burning Daylight, the third full-length attributed to his goth country alter ego King Dude, raises ghosts and hell in equal parts, twisting the proprietries of country blues into surreal pacts with darkness


Also watched the pilot episode of Nashville last night...really liked it a lot...may have to check out the Civil Wars finally, on the strength of the song at the closing credits. (Civil Wars wrote it; Clare Bowen and Sam Palladio are shown here performing it.)

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