Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Sao Paulo Underground Trio

So, you might have run into the Chicago Underground Duo (or Trio or Quartet, depending on who shows up), at some point in your wanderings...an ensemble focused around Rob Mazurek, a cornet player from Chicago. Turns out that the number of players is not the only permutation in his equations. He also moved the whole concept to Brazil, found some like-minded players and started the Sao Paulo Underground...reviewed today at Blurt. I said:

"Três Cabeças Loucuras is the group's third album, a lighthearted but not unserious romp through space-age Latin and non-Latin styles. The sound ranges from vibraphone plunking, eccentrically metered Chicago post-rock ("Six Six Eight," which brings along Mazurek's Exploding Star compatriots, John Herndon, Jason Adasiewicz and Matt Lux) to heat-shimmering, electronically embellished Tropicalia ("Pigeon" based on a traditional maracatu and Takara's lilting, hip-shifting "Carambola"). The main constants are complex rhythms, a futuristic use of synths, electronics and effects and Mazurek's high, fever-dream cornet trills, which float like jet trails over jungle-y tangles of funk-jazz syncopation."


Artist: Sao Paulo Underground (feat. Rob Mazurek) - Song: Jagoda's Dream - Album: Tres Cabecas Loucuras by CuneiformRecords

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