Thursday, January 5, 2012

Jakob Olausson's Morning and Sunrise

My first Dusted review of the new year...of Ben Chasny favorite Jakob Olausson...

Jakob Olausson
Morning & Sunrise
De Stijl

Jakob Olausson, who divides his time between beet farming and psychedelic home recording, made a modest splash in 2007 with his debut Moonlight Farm, a whispery, ominously beautiful collection of songs that hovered around the borders of new folk, near where the genre began to bleed into experimental drone. If you didn’t know what you were listening to, you might easily have assumed Moonlight Farm was a reissue, coming from the same evocative, eccentric vein of outsider 1960s folk as Gary Higgins or Ed Askew. And yet, Olausson is a contemporary, still working at his isolated Swedish farm, still making dreamy, reverb-hazed recordings that seem to exist in a time of their own. Morning & Sunrise, his second, has the same slackened, slo-mo meditativeness as the first Olausson record, but it is noticeably clearer, cleaner and more guitar driven.


This song is from the first album, but you get the idea...
Jakob Olausson : Riding on the Wind by destijlrecs

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