Sunday, January 1, 2012

Nite Jewel with the edges rubbed off

What I liked the best about Nite Jewel's Good Evening, back in 200x, was the uneasy truce between dance and outsider music...the sense of looking in, at disco of all things, from a fogged window, with longing but no hope of getting inside.

In my review at the now defunct Pure Music, I said, "Nite Jewel, in real life visual/installation artist Ramona Gonzalez, makes dream-blurred, disco-folk music. It’s a kind of lo-fi dance soundtrack for whacked out teenage girl poets who boogie slowly, by themselves and mostly inside their own heads....It’s an infinitely personal, infinitely eccentric take on electro-pop, an inward looking dance music for the sad girls who never get asked."

But now Gonzales is on Secretly Canadian, and she sounds pretty much like any other diva...witness the first single, "One Second of Love" which can now be streamed on Soundcloud.

The record, which is also called One Second of Love, is coming out March 6.

By the way, happy new year. We had kind of a quiet one, chinese food in Amherst late in the afternoon, then home to watch a whole bunch of 30 Rocks and drink a little champagne...which oddly, I enjoyed a lot more than a lot of New Year's parties and events I've been to. I've really enjoyed hanging with my two guys this week, not that we did much, but they're fun to be with.9

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