Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The two faces of Noveller

Noveller, according to The Onion, is an i-Phone ap that allows you to write your novel as you go through your day.

Noveller, according to Sarah Lipstate (ex of cool bands like Parts & Labor, Carla Bozulich and others), is an electro-acoustic, ambient noise project with an album called Paint on the Shadows out on No Fun Productions this April. She is currently moving up the heavily played list at WFMU, which is how I found out about her, and you can see why…what she doesn’t isn’t exactly easy or comfortable, but it is very, very beautiful stuff.

Here she is performing at P.S. 1

Some live tracks recorded at the Issue Project Room have turned up at the Free Music Archive

More at MySpace


Ian said...

I'll have to keep an ear out for her.

jenniferpkelly said...

I really liked the video.

I might ask for the record somewhere.