Thursday, April 15, 2010

Dosh: round two

I interviewed Martin Dosh, the multi-talented percussionist/loopest/post-rock-electro-rhythm maven last month, around his new Anticon record Tommy, and PopMatters ran the resulting feature today. Here’s a bit:

People Said It Was Impossible: An Interview with Dosh
By Jennifer Kelly 15 April 2010
Two years ago, the percussion-looping, Rhodes-playing Martin Dosh posted a video on YouTube of himself and collaborator Mike Lewis playing live in his basement. They build up a song called “Capture the Flag” during this six-minute video, with Dosh laying down a flurry of drums, then looping them so that they continue while he turns his attention to the keyboard. Lewis, meanwhile, alternates between a series of instruments ranging from percussion, guitar to saxophone, like a magician pulling rabbits from a hat. The whole song is rigorously structured around a repeated beat, but that structure allows for almost infinite variation.

It also looks really, really hard to do. In fact, some viewers thought it was impossible. “I went back and read the comments,” said Dosh while taking a phone interview with PopMatters. “This is like a year after I put that up, to see what people said about it. There were a bunch of people who literally thought that there was no way it was possible that we did what we did in that video. They thought we were play-syncing to stuff that was already there.”


Check out that video

This was my second time interviewing Dosh, and if you want to reach back into the dawn of…I don’t know, my stretch as a rock journalist?…here’s a link to the first one:

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