Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Harlan T. Bobo…the happy album

Harlan T. Bobo, the Memphis garage compatriot of various Oblivians and the Viva L’American Death Ray Music crew, has a new album called Sucker out on Goner now, and it’s a good one, with whispery guitar-picked ballads and all-out rockers (“Bad Boyfriends” is my favorite of these). I reviewed it for Dusted, and here’s a bit of that:
In his last album, I’m Your Man, Harlan T. Bobo rasped out his desire for a more settled existence in a line from “My Life,” admitting, “I’d love to have a family and a home” in the verse and finishing the guitar-blistered finale with a repeated longing for “someone to love.” Since that 2007 release, the Memphis blues eccentric has, in fact, gotten married and fathered a son. He now spends summers, apparently, scooping ice cream at his French wife’s beach-side ice cream stand. It sounds like a reasonably happy life, and this sense of contentment reverberates throughout Bobo’s third album, beginning right up front with the string and brass-embellished Franco-phile pop, “Sweet Life.” “It took so, so long to understand,” sings Bobo, in his tarnished but noticeably hopeful murmur, “life is sweet.”

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