Monday, March 29, 2010

Jason Falkner is OK, are you?

I’ve been really enjoying this new Jason Falkner album I’m OK, You’re OK, though I don’t think I can review it anywhere. Falkner is really one of the great power pop songwriters, horribly overlooked. He got his start with the Three O'Clock in the late 1980s, then joined Jellyfish, then the Grays with Jon Brion. What I really loved, though, was his first solo album Presents Author Unknown, and especially the song “She Goes to Bed.” I don’t think I’m OK, You’re OK is quite that good, but it’s very good anyway.

I’m linking two videos, the first is “This Time” from the new album, performed live at Spaceland about a year ago.

And the second is “She Goes to Bed” which is one of my favorite songs, ever, period.


Unknown said...

Doubles troubles on dem vids

BTW All Quiet On The Noise Floor is his latest and it's from 2009.

jenniferpkelly said...

that's weird both videos seem to be working for me.

I'm OK, You're OK came out February 2010, so I think that's the latest, actually.