Tuesday, March 23, 2010

White Hinterland

I’ve been a fan of Casey Dienel’s for a while now (how could I not when she recorded her breakout Wind-Up Canary in Western Mass during the dead of winter?), and really enjoyed her latest White Hinterland album even though it sounds nothing like the fresh-faced, piano-bar-crossed-with-bedroom-folk debut that I feel for in the first place. Of Kairos, I wrote “Dienel has made a sharper break from the past, building chilled, echoing, dub-infused caverns of sound and singing within them in a very sophisticated, R&B flavored style.”

The review was in Blurt yesterday or maybe the day before


We watched Hoosiers last night, and I got unexpectedly teary and nostalgic about Indiana high school basketball…Of course, I couldn’t wait to get out at the time, go figure.

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