Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Pierced Arrows

I went off the res yesterday and started listening to a whole bunch of stuff that I don’t have to write about – mostly old music, but also a few new things – and maybe the best discovery of the whole day was some new material from Pierced Arrows. You probably know about them. It’s Fred and Toody from the now defunct Dead Moon and really, essentially, they’re up to the same fabulous tricks. I’d say this is not your father’s garage rock, except it is, and if you’re really young, possibly your grandfather’s, but that doesn’t make it any less menacing and wonderful.

Here’s “Let It Rain” from the new Descending Shadows. Sorry about that annoying tag at the end.

You can also get a whole bunch of their stuff at the Free Music Archive as well.

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robp said...

Must get. Loved their first lp. Of course, I saw Dead Moon before they had any records out. Thanks for the news.