Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Archie Bronson Outfit …hey, check out that opening track!

Okay, I’m repeating myself. I posted about ABO a few days ago. But now I have a review up and I’ve listened to Coconut ten or eleven times, and I’ve decided that I really only love the first song. Which is “Magnetic Warrior.” Which I posted last week.

So you get to see the video again. Silly, isn’t it?

Oh, and here’s the track they want you to hear, which is called “Shark’s Tooth.”

Maybe you want to read the review?


Meatbreak said...

Hi Jen. I totally agree. I don't know whether every song on the album really works, or if it sounds a bit of a glossy mess - BUT - that Magnetic Warrior really is awesome. So dirty and dark sounding.

jenniferpkelly said...

It's funny I had two records in a row where I loved the first song and was kinda comme si comme ca on the rest...thought I was getting ADD finally. I'm glad you feel the same way.