Friday, February 5, 2010

Sharon van Etten feature

I know I’ve been posting a lot about Sharon lately, but this is the last one, the feature I wrote on Monday about her and her show with Damon & Naomi in Cambridge. I thought it came out pretty well.

Here’s a bit to get you started:

She stands alone at the mic, clutching a bright red guitar that seems too big for her. Dressed in a sensible cardigan and khaki pants, she is small and sharply drawn, all cheekbones, flashing eyes and little spikes of pixie hair falling forward over her eyes. She looks like a girl you might share a cubicle with, quick, bright, young and eager to be friendly. And yet, when she looks sideways, lifts her chin and lets loose with the crystalline croon of "Much More Than This," the girl next door disappears, and Sharon Van Etten joins a long line of mournful songwriters, unearthly, tragic and cutting right to the heart of the world's saddest love stories.

The rest is here.

There’s also a new mp3 from Sharon at Weathervane Music, a nonprofit run by Brian McTear, who produces pretty much every record worth caring about in the general Philadelphia area.

It’s called “Much More”


Jean-Luc Garbo said...

Finally glad to read this. I'm waiting with anticipation for the CD that I ordered from her.

jenniferpkelly said...

Oh, thanks, I hope you like the record. It's a grower.