Monday, February 8, 2010

Bridge Carols

A really beautiful collaboration between electronic collagist Ethan Rose and Portland songwriter Laura Gibson. It’s called Bridge Carols and it’s out tomorrow on Holocene Records.

Here’s a bit from my Dusted review.

Ethan Rose has made a career – and some very beautiful music – out of manipulating old-time sounds electronically. Player pianos, carillions, music boxes have all provided the fodder for his dream-like collages. He chooses sounds that are layered with history, seeped in associations, so that even muted, stretched or sculpted via computer, they carry an emotional charge, glinting like memories in the drone and chatter of consciousness. Now with Portland, Ore., folksinger Laura Gibson, Rose has turned to the most evocative sound of all, the female voice, as the keynote for a new series of dream-like meditations.




Ian said...

"Sun" really is quite beautiful. Any chance I could hear the rest? I could trade you the new Excepter...

jenniferpkelly said...

Oh, sure, Ian, might take me a couple of days.

We're just heading out now to see Laura Veirs.