Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I wrote this little show preview for the Inlets concert last week in Philadelphia, which apparently went on despite the snow…(we don’t have snow, up here where we need it to ski on, but they’ve got plenty in Philly and DC)…Anyway, now I’ve blown through all the tour dates except SXSW, so you can’t go see them at the moment. Still here’s the plug and, at the bottom, an mp3 to check out.

Inlets’ Sebastian Krueger is nothing if not a multitasker, adding woodwinds to the last My Brightest Diamond album, playing banjo for Feist and contributing to recent records by DM Stith and Marla Hansen. His instrumental prowess came in handy on the Vestibule EP, out late in 2006, an orchestral pop gem that drew praise from the blogosphere and garnered 40,000 free downloads. Now with Inter Arbiter, out this April on Twosyllable Records, Krueger makes a leap to indie rock ubiquity, with home recorded symphonies that recall Sufjan Steven’s loveliest extravagances, Dirty Projectors’ sly intellectual subversions and Pattern & Movement’s pop-glazed complexities. (Jennifer Kelly)

You have to go visit Stereogum to get an MP3 of “Bright Orange Air”

Or you could check out the MySpace

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