Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wetdog...seriously, check this out

My two favorites so far this year (yes, in January, what are you looking at me like that for?) are Wetdog, the London post-punk trio blogged here earlier and Beach House...they could hardly be more different, except for a strong female presence. Maybe this is the year I have more than one girl-dominated band in my top-ten. Anyway, I got to review Wetdog for Blurt and it ran today.

Yay for 2010...I'm betting it'll be better than last year.

Here's the graf one of the review.

A spiky sketch of bass calls, a trio of female voices responds in tear-dropped shaped exclamations of "oh-oh." Girlish sweetness fights it out with ascerbic dissonance, rickety rhythms with soothing melodies. The band is jittery, unstrung, buoyed by enthusiasm, as pure an expression of thrift-shop excellence as anything out of Leeds circa 1978 or the riot grrrl northwest a dozen years later. The band in question is Wetdog, the song "Lower Leg," and both represent one of the best new discoveries of a still infant new year.

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Syd The Squid said...

Wetdog rules... Beach House sounds nice on 1st listen... is it just me or does the new Liars sound like total shit... should i try again?

jenniferpkelly said...

Haven't heard the Liars...doesn't sound like there's any hurry to get to it?