Monday, January 25, 2010

Just enough, livin’ for the …

Citay’s Dream Get Together is out this week, another deceptively breezy ride that is a lot more complicated than it sounds…My review from Dusted, up today.

It’s easy to forget how much art and science can go into airy, breezy confections like Dream Get Together. Though effortless pleasure for the listener, the album is the result of rigorous calculations and precise combinations. Its guitar patterns, layered four or five to a track in intricate interlocking patterns, may sound like rustic III-era Zeppelin, Laurel Canyon folk pop, or free-wheeling Allman Brothers jams, but that’s the curtain, not the mad scientist scurrying behind it. Rarely has so much effort gone into anything that sounded this easy.


“Careful with that Hat”

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