Friday, January 15, 2010

Pit Er Pat

I was going to post this yesterday but then Reatard went and broke my heart.
This is a Chicago-based duo (used to be a trio) with a sparse, rhythm-intensive kind of aesthetic that sounds like post-punk with all the connective tissues excised sometimes and others kind of like hip hop.

I had a review up at Dusted yesterday, which began:

The CDDB entry for The Flexible Entertainer lists eight different genres for eight different tracks, some real, some made up, one simply “Pit Er Pat.” In most cases, you’d ignore such posturing (okay, genre classifications are mostly bullshit, what else have you got?), but in this instance, there’s a kernel of truth. Though they share a certain over-arching aesthetic – complicated rhythms, unsettling riffs, jump-rope chanting, a bat cave sense of dim, three-dimensional space – these tracks are wildly different from each other, as well as most easy reference points. Soundtrack, hip hop, new wave, no wave, dub, dub-step, Latin and vaguely Middle Eastern sounds flare up and fade suddenly. By the time you’re sure you’ve heard them – hiccupy cuica on “Chavez Raven”, lone melodica on “Specimen” – they’re gone.

Here’s the rest


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