Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Tyvek…oh hell yeah.

Tyvek fished me out of a middlebrow, mainstream indie wasteland a couple of weeks ago, with their fuzzy, no-fi (they’re on Siltbreeze now) punk-ish pop. My review, up today at Dusted, tries (and probably fails) to convey exactly what’s so good about them…and I put “Hey Una” on my mix last week, so if you haven’t checked it out, what are you waiting for?

Maybe the review?


Around since the mid-aughts, Tyvek has been dropping scuzzed-out, drone-punk singles for the last couple of years. An EP, Fast Metabolism came out on What’s Your Rupture in 2007, but this self-titled full-length is clearly intended to be the band’s first cohesive long-form statement. Its tunes rattle along on fiercely minimalist beats (the drummer stands, and plays only one tom), alternating between shout-or-drawl refrains of Mark E. Smith-like disclarity, and an occasional bout of transcending melody. Back down to a three-piece – Kevin Boyer on guitar, Matt Z on drums and Larry on bass – the band is augmented on this record with Damon from Puffy Areolas, whose free-form guitar experiments give Tyvek’s clattery, nervy, boxed in sound the equivalent of an open window. Still, this is an anxious, fractured, highly intelligent sort of punk sound, guitar jangles pinging around inside claustrophobic beats, discordant phrases rising up out of the mix, then dropping back into it.


“Burning Bridges (Re-Edit)”

Oh, and this is crazy, I know, but I’ve been trying to listen to everything I’ve got on iTunes again and just got my playcount=0 list down below 500 (from about 8700), so I celebrated by putting a giant load of new music on…here’s what:

Iron & Wine, Around the Well
Ca-USE co-MOTION, Because Because Because
Hoots & Hellmouth, the Holy Open Secret
The Rural Alberta Advantage, Hometowns
Talbot Tagora, Lessons In The Woods Or A City
Ride, OX4: the Best of Ride
Sir Lord Raven, Please Throw Me Back in The Ocean
Tom Brousseau, Posthumous Success
Liechtenstein, Survival Strategies In A Modern World
Uuvvwwz. Uuvvwwz
Ruby Throat, The Ventriloquist

The Iron & Wine is really beautiful…more about the rest later.


Syd The Squid said...

ok, i'm sold...

jenniferpkelly said...

You would love want it?

Syd The Squid said...

hell yes!... you referenced god!!!

cuddlefish said...

I do like the new Tyvek album :)

Now for my two cents on your list of albums that I've listened to:

Iron & Wine - If only some of the new lo-fi indie folkies (or whatever the kids are calling it these days) could put out an album half as good as Sam Beam's odds and sods collection...

The Rural Alberta Advantage - Sure you're going to get the Neutral Milk Hotel comparisons (Nils Edenloff does sound like Jeff Mangum on many of the tunes. However, I think that these Canadians are more in the musical terrain of Okkervil River. A very promising debut...

Ride - *sigh* Any "best of" that does not include "Polar Bear", "Seagull", "In a Different Place", "Kaleidoscope", "Here and Now" and "Today" should not be called a "best of" album. /rant

Ruby Throat - Katie Jane has a very nice dreamy and, at times, an almost hallucinatory voice. (Warning: TMI dept. - I would love to moan along with her while playing this album.)

Anyhow, looking forward to reading about the other albums...


jenniferpkelly said...

Hi Clif, thanks for the lowdown. Yeah, that Iron & Wine is very nice, but I am probably too late to do anything about it.

Not sure about Rural Alberta...didn't hit very hard the first time.

Still working on the rest.

Ian said...

Rural Alberta Advantage were good live, I've never heard them on record.

'drone-punk' is my new favourite descriptor - you might be able to use it for Crocodiles (who I am really digging right now), and if you're uploading it, I'd love love love to hear the Tyvek too...

jenniferpkelly said...

hi ian, I will put you the list...hoping to get out to wireless for a good long stretch on Friday.